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Birthday Party At Home - Tucson

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In Tucson or elsewhere birthday party at your house always has much warmer, more personal feeling. For parents it's also more friendly ( they don't have to sit for 2 hours on the floor of some smelly gym). You can invite just a couple of kids or a crowd, depending on your place, but you have to provide some kind of an entertainment anyway. And don't forget to put out at least some cheese and crackers for the parents. Also, it helps to pick a party theme and plan your activities around it.
There are few party ideas for the home-based party:
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I. Play some party games.

If you've decided on a specific party theme, you can easily adapt almost any game to fit it, using elements or characters related to it.

Try playing the game with your child. If he likes it, the others most likely will too.

Save more active games for going outside, and leave quieter games and crafts for playing indoors.

Prepare one or two extra games. That way you'll have something to entertain the children with if your planned activities take less time than expected. If you can see that the kids don't like a game, quickly wrap it up and switch to something else.

Have your games ready to go before the start of the party.

Try to either give a prize to each child, or none at all. These can be anything: candies, erasers, pencils, and other small trinkets.

As kids often find it hard to wait their turn, try to pick games that have everyone participating at the same time.

It's very important to clearly explain every game, and even better to show examples.

II. Sing and dance

Pick a few songs or dance with the kids, it always fun and keeps the party mood.

III. Creative activities

If your kid is fond of arts, pick some art activities like draw mom's portrait, or make a funny picture frame or even make something from real clay. At Michael's craft store they have a selection of party kits.

IV. Jumping castles

Jumping castles in the backyard are always a popular choice.
A couple of places to find castle rentals:

"Allstar Jumps" at
Allstar Jumps is your Jumping Castle Headquarters in Tucson. We have a large variety of Clean and Fun Jumping Castles, Slide/Jump Combos, Obstacle Courses, Water Slides, Dry Slides, and Dunk Tanks for your party. We can also arrange for generators, popcorn and cotton candy machines. Delivery in Tucson is included. Reserve online or call 520-297-5867 (their website does not work)

“Desert Jumping Castles” at

“ Jump Maxx” at

All about parties at

V. Hire someone else to organize birthday party at your home

You can invite a magician or a clown -- some kids love it but some not so much, so it's up to your child.

1. “Fun Magicians” at

2. As You Wish Parties
As You Wish Parties provides beautiful princesses or characters to your next event! Our characters Sing LIVE and provide games and crafts. We offer a wide variety of entertainment to suit any event and every budget. Visit our website: or call (928) 642-3308 for more information! 

3. Lovely Lady Traveling Tea Parties
more info

More Party Themes at

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