Christmas tree decorated with our winter crafts

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Christmas, New Year, and Winter Arts and Crafts for kids

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Play Dough Christmas Tree.
Help your child make 3-4 conical shapes out of a green piece of play-dough. Stack them up on top of each other. Decorate your tree with anything he likes.

Winter trees (click image for detailed instructions).
Painting project for 4-6 year old kids that will help them learn basic painting techniques.
Painting Trees in Snow
Snow (click image for detailed instructions).
Very simple painting project for 2-3 year old kids. All you need is a sheet of blue paper, white paint, and a brush.
snow painting
House in snow (click image for detailed instructions).
More difficult project that teaches basics of painting. Some 2-3 year old kids might be able to make it.
Snow over house painting
Christmas Tree Painting (click image for detailed instructions).
How to make a Christmas tree painting. Step by step instruction for kids 4-5 years old and older.
Christmas Tree painting
Decorate Christmas Tree (click image for detailed instructions).
This project explains how to paint decorations on the Christmas tree prepared while doing the project above. Older kids can do these two projects at once.
Painting Decorated Christmas Tree
Play Dough and Pine Cone Man (click image for detailed instructions).
Simple play-doh project for all ages! To make a snowman paint the pine cone white and use white playdough for head and feet.
Playdough and Pinecone Man Craft
Paper lanterns. (click image for detailed instructions)
Paper lanterns make a nice holiday craft that can be used to decorate your child's room or Christmas tree
Paper Lanterns Craft
Paper Christmas tree (click image for detailed instructions).
How to make a decoration in the form of Christmas tree. Easy craft for kids of all ages.
Ornament - "Christmas Tree"
A paper ornament with your child's drawings (click image for detailed instructions).
A hand-made Christmas Tree ornament.
Simple Christmas Ornament