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Splash Pads, Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds in Tucson

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1) Outdoors

Chances are that at almost any playground you will find some kids for your child to play with and parents for you to chat with. You can take some food with you and have sort of a picnic or just let the kids run around and get some much needed rest .
Gene C. Reid Park is one of the biggest in Tucson. There are few playgrounds for different ages, rose garden, two urban lakes.

Overall, there are 90 public parks with playgrounds in Tucson. You can find a playground near you at the Tucson Parks and recreation department website: Click search (Magnifying Glass buttons) on the map, Select "Activity" in the dialog box, then select the "playground" icon, and click on the Magnifying Glass button again.
In addition to Tucson Parks, there are almost 40 Pima County parks with playgrounds. To find one near your home use our map of the Pima County parks below.
You may also follow a Tucson mom with her 2 year old son visiting all 127 Tucson parks at

And remember that almost every elementary and middle school in the area has a playground or two that may be open for the public after school hours and on weekends.

2) Mall Playgrounds

Almost every Tucson mall has a playground inside. During weekends or in the afternoon they are usually pretty packed, but if you come before 10 a.m. you have a good chance to beat the rest of the crowd .
1) Park Place Mall (East Broadway Boulevard) has indoor playground near Food Court and Dillards.
2) Indoor playground in Tucson Mall (4500 N Oracle Rd.) is also near the Dillards
3) Foothills Mall (North La Cholla Boulevard) has indoor play area - playground.

3) "Wet" Playgrounds/Splash Pads.

Another great option is a “wet” playground.
1. The best one of these in my opinion is located in Brandi Fenton Park at N. Alvernon Way. It's quite big and in pretty good condition.
2. The Tucson Zoo built a small “wet land”, but it's very crowded and again you have to pay to get into the Zoo.
3. Picture Rocks District Park has a splash pad and pool.
4. Newest splash pad was recently opened in Catalina Park (900 Fourth Avenue)
5. Balboa Heights Park/Marty Birdman Center (2536 N Castro Ave) has a wet playground/splash pad.
6. Quincie Douglas Park (1563 E. 36th St.) has a splash pad near the pool.

Pima County Parks with playgrounds, or ramadas, or pools.

Click the blue marker to see more information about a park.

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More information about Pima County parks can be found at the Pima County Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation website.

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