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Traveling with infants and youngest kids

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Traveling with a one year old baby is not as difficult as it may seem. Usually such small children sleep a lot, especially in the car. But chances are that on board a plane your baby (and you) will experience a few bad moments during the takeoff and landing during which your child’s ears may cause him discomfort. Give him a pacifier or a bottle and it can ease the pain, or at least distract him. Anyway, the pain goes away once the plane reaches its cruising altitude.
When you book your tickets keep in mind that large planes offer special cribs that hook up to the wall in the first row. If it's possible try to book these seats, as your baby can take a nap in this crib and you can get some rest too.

Before the trip carefully pack your diaper-bag:
1. Take 2-3 receiving blankets.
2. Enough diapers (it depends on the length of your trip, but remember that it's not that easy to change a diaper in the tiny plane restroom, so if it's not “number 2” wait till the diaper is full.) and a pack of baby wipes.
3. 2-3 pacifiers, if your child still uses them. The ones that have a cover are great for the travel.
4. A bottle of water.
5. A few bottles of formula. If you're still breastfeeding, then you obviously won't need them. And almost every airport has a nursery room now. Pack all your liquids in Ziploc bags so they will be visible for security people. It's a good idea to also pack a can of your formula in your luggage, so you won't have to run around at your destination point looking for that particular kind.
6. 2-3 cans of child’s favorite baby food. If you travel by car pack some extra for the rest of your vacation; then you won't have to lose your vacation time looking for it.
7. A change of clothes.
8. Your child’s favorite blanket.
9. A warm sweatshirt just in case it gets cold on the plane.
10. A few toys, if you can take a couple of new toy to get your baby’s attention in case of heavy crying. (But you know that the best way to stop your baby from crying at this age is to feed him)
11. Some first aid medications or prescription ones if you use some.
12. A pack of antibacterial wipes to clean your own hands (they are not recommended for cleaning baby’s hands).
The amount of stuff that you pack depends of course on the length of your trip to the vacation spot. When you travel by plane you carry all your carry on items yourself, so you can't take a lot, but try to bring some extra things, as planes get delayed, flights get canceled so there is always a chance of spending an extra day at the airport where you are supposed to change planes and you don't want to run through an unfamiliar city to look for a can of baby food or a clean dipper, especially if you are traveling alone with a baby.
By all means take a stroller with you. When traveling by car you'll need it only at the end of the trip. But at the airport a stroller is such a convenience! It's so much easier to roll a stroller then to carry a baby all the time in your hands, and your baby can nap in it, while you can put some items into the stroller’s basket. And you don't have to check it into the luggage, they take it from you right at the plane door and you get it there after the end of the flight.

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